Friday, April 3, 2009

Snow storm is actually producing snow...

Image above in front of Gun Flint Tavern March 31st, 2009 10PM, snow storm dropped about 12-15" in downtown Grand Marais.

This report updated April 3, 2009 1PM.

Major snow storm hit the North Shore March 31 and April st. Devil Track Lake area reporting 18inches of new snow with drifting to 4 feet. Downtown Grand Marais reporting 15 inches with drifting to 4 feet. Lutsen area reporting 16inches. Finland reporting 20 inches. Grand Portage reporting 18 inches with drifting to 4 feet. If you want snowmobiling in April this is the best you'll find. Should be good spring trail conditions inland through the weekend.

There has been great spring riding after this storm, watch out for fallen trees and debris from ice storm. Snowmobile trails in Lake and Cook County were seriously effected by freezing rain that fell across northeast Minnesota March 23rd and 24th. There are trees down. Use extreme caution. Grooming is done for this season.

Access points from Minnesota State Parks are closed.

See our daily trail report for more details about current suggestions for the weekend...