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Hungry Jack Lodge - LIVE music, happy hour and dinner specials Jan 15th, 2011

Hungry Jack Lodge - LIVE music, happy hour and dinner specials Jan 15th, 2011.

Dinner specials
12oz New York Strip Steak Dinner $24.95
Walleye $19.95
Reservations appreciated!

Happy Hour  9-10pm
1/2 OFF rail drinks and appetizers.

Live! at Hungry Jack Lodge the band ' D'MERRIT ' 8PM to Midnight

372 Hungry Jack Rd.
Gunflint Trail

See the entertainment flyer pdf for complete details

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Did a wolf attack a woman in Pincushion Recreation Area above Grand Marais, Minnesota?

Did a wolf attack a woman in Pincushion Recreation Area above Grand Marais, Minnesota?

[ Image is of wolf not from Minnesota ]

Following text is pasted directly from the Cook County government Web site;

"On Wednesday, August 25th, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office investigated a report of a 19 year old Grand Marais woman being attacked by a stray dog near the Pincushion Trail system. The attack occurred around on Tuesday night, August 24th. The woman was alone walking along the trail that leads to the old dump. She heard a noise behind her, and when she turned to look she observed a dog approaching her. Unprovoked, the dog charged and attacked her, biting and clawing at her face. The woman defended herself by covering her head and face and playing dead. The dog eventually left.

The woman received scratches mainly to her face and shoulder, and a couple of puncture wounds. She was treated and released.

The woman described the dog as a mostly black, skinny German Shepherd mix, with matted hair and possibly mangy. The woman was certain it was a domesticated dog.

There have been no other reports of similar stray dogs and or attacks. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office has searched for the dog and continues to investigate the matter. The Minnesota Humane Society and United States Forest Service have also been contacted. The Pincushion Trails have been posted warning hikers of the potentially stray dangerous dog.

If you see this dog, do not approach and immediately contact the Cook County Sheriff’s Office at 218-387-3030. " --end

Direct link to press Release from the Cook County Sheriff Office:

Editor note - Questions and comments;
Who owns a mangy german sheperd?
Isn't a mangy wolf a desperate animal that may have a higher tendency to go after domestic animals, pets and possibily humans?

Wolves with mange look a lot like a german sheperd.
There seems to be a epidemic of wolves in and around Cook County with signs of mange.
This past winter while fishing Gunflint Lake there were numerous complaints about mangy wolves hanging out around homes and businesses. And there were wolves killed by some agency that sent a person to trap and or kill wolves.
My blog post refers to mangy wolves we witnessed this winter.
Mangy wolves are booted out of the pack and are faced with starvation, freezing to death, severe sun burning due to no hair left.

A couple years ago while under my truck changing my oil in my driveway, a mangy wolf walked right up to me and circled the vehicle. Smelling a foul odor as it passed me again, I realized it wasn't one of my golden retrievers, that were in the house. It circled my truck again and again until I got up and jumped into the truck box. The wolf stopped circling and stared at me.
It was trying to figure out how to attack me. I could see it in it's eyes. It was hurting and hungry.
It was difiicult to not want to help it, no animal deserves to die a slow death caused by mange. But, I probably would have been charge with some felony if I put it out of its misery... I moved slowly over to the garden hose and sprayed it until it left. It came back for about a week, usually showing up when my dogs were outside.

Bear hunters have experienced much higher incidents of wolves raiding their bear bait stations this year. Even standing off with bears protecting the bait pile.

The wolf population in Minnesota was targeted to be 1500 wolves. Actual numbers today may exceed 3000 wolves.

Minnesota DNR wants gray wolf off the endangered list

Link to interesting article from Northlands News Center in Duluth, Minnesota
'Wolves Attack Wisconsin Hunting Dogs'

Despite the persistence of diseases such as canine parvovirus, as well as Lyme Disease, and mange, the wolf population in Wisconsin continues to grow.

The Wisconsin DNR actually has a web site for subscribing to Wisconsin Gray Wolf Depredation Alerts

Western US lawmakers turn sights on gray wolves from Associated Press
Oct 3rd, 2010 article from Anchorage Daily News

In the past two weeks I've done a study of my own. I asked 44 known to me, but random people who are Cook County residents two questions;
1. Is there too many wolves in Cook County? 
2. What they thought about the possibility that it was a wolf, not a german sheperd, that attacked a 19 year old woman in Pincushion Recreation Area? All individuals surveyed were given the press release about the attack linked above after I asked question 1.

Results were;
Question 1. Is there too many wolves in Cook County?
44 total individuals
32 individuals said; Yes.
10 individuals said; No.
2 individuals said; I don't know.
Of the total; 30 individuals of those surveyed stated they have seen wolves on or near their residential property.

Question 2. What they thought about the possibility that it was a wolf, not a german sheperd, that attacked a 19 year old woman in Pincushion Recreation Area? All individuals surveyed were given the press release about the attack linked above.
44 total individuals
19 individuals said; It is obviously a wolf, generally these people didn't believe that someone actually owns a german sheperd with mange.
16 individuals said; Yes.
7 individuals said; No.
2 individuals said; I don't know.
Of the total; 26 individuals indicated they knew nothing about this event prior to my request.
Some indicated they have hiked there since and never saw any info about the attack.
Some indicated I made this up and there has been no attack, by wolf or dog. Even though I showed them an official press release printed off of the Cook County Government Web site, with the Cook County Sheriff logo/letterhead plainly visible.
Some indicated why isn't there a reward?
Many indicated it doesn't surprise them.

There needs to be more transparency about wolf populations, survey methods, depredation of domestic livestock, pets and possible attacks on humans...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Very Interesting - Driver texting bans don't work: found U.S. study

Bans on texting and driving are unsuccessful at reducing crashes, a new U.S. study on the road-safety law has found.

Researchers at the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) examined collision-based insurance claims made in four U.S. states — California, Louisiana, Minnesota and Washington — in the months immediately before and after driver texting was banned.

They found the bans didn't have an impact on reducing crashes — and could even up the risk.

"Texting bans haven't reduced crashes at all. In a perverse twist, crashes increased in three of the four states we studied after bans were enacted," Adrian Lund, HLDI president, said in a statement. "It's an indication that texting bans might even increase the risk of texting for drivers who continue to do so despite the laws."

But ultimately, the institute suggests the reason for the counter-intuitative results is simple non-compliance: many drivers, especially younger ones, shrug off these bans.

In recent years, a number of U.S. states and Canadian provinces have enacted legislation and launched public-awareness campaigns aimed at curbing the use of hand-held devices while driving. A 2009 study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found collision risk was 23 times greater for drivers who text-message, surpassing any other driving distraction by far.

The study released Tuesday found that among drivers younger than 25 — the group most likely to text — 45 per cent reported they still texted in states that bar such activity. This fell just shy of the 48 per cent of drivers who reported text-messaging in ban-free states.

And in all four states, crashes increased among that younger cohort after the ban was put in place, jumping by as much as 12 per cent (in California). "The point of texting bans is to reduce crashes, and by this essential measure, the laws are ineffective," Lund said.

According the the study, many respondents who knew it was illegal to text said they didn't think police were strongly enforcing the law.

Christopher Schneider, a UBC sociology professor, says our society is likely just in a transitional phase before such legislation is transformed into being understood as a "public evil" — similar to campaigns waged against drunk driving in the 1970s and 80s.

"A lot of the promotion of texting while driving is being given to us as a widspread social problem, which I think it is. . . . People could get hurt," he said. "I suspect in another 20 years, the youth who are ignoring some of this legislation will be teaching their kids, who will grow up learning about the evil that is texting while driving."

Schneider also said laws may get stricter as public pressure builds. In Alaska, he noted, a fatality caused by phone-based distracted driving carries a maximum penalty of 20 years — much more than a fine and lost demerit points.

Thirty-one U.S. states have implemented texting bans for drivers. In Canada, nearly every province has similiar laws in place against using hand-held phones while driving. Alberta and New Brunswick have both said they are in the process of studying potential bans.

from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowmobiling, icefishing and wolf watching the Gunflint Trail area

The past few weekends I've spent up the Gunflint Trail snowmobiling, icefishing and wolf watching with my friend Cory Christianson, a longtime fishing guide with Sea Gull Creek Fishing Camp. Lake trout, brookies, splake, and rainbows are abundant in many lakes such as; Gunflint, Loon, Birch, Mayhew, and Moss.

[ all images are clickable to a larger image ]

Minutes later...

We drilled through 30-36 inches of really good hard ice, pushing the limit of our ice auger.

We caught some nice rainbow trout on Birch lake.

It was calm and sunny all day and we didn't even set-up our shelter.

I took a solo trip into South Lake from Gunflint Lake, where snowmobiles have to stay on the Canadian side because the U.S. / Minnesota side is in the BWCA.

A railroad ran on the trail between Little Gunflint and Little North lake, it still exists from the logging days. See rails about 48 inches wide sticking out of snow.

Stream next to portage trail between Little Gunflint Lake and Little North Lake.

What's left of a deer the wolves chased out on the lake surface and devoured. Usually the only remains are bone fragments, hide, blood and what the deer had in its stomach. We got to this one before the ravens and other birds picked it clean. On Gunflint Lake we counted 4 kill sites that were less than 5 days old.

Lone wolf trotting over to above kill site during the day? Usually when you see a 'lone' wolf out in the open, on a lake in the middle of the day, something is wrong. This animal had a bad case of mange, an ectoparasite that causes wolves to loose hair and weight. This animal was probably kicked out of the pack and is on its own. It only had about 25 percent of its hair left, and has been relegated to leftover scraps and to fend for itself.

Well traveled trail by wolves on Canadian side of Gunflint Lake

Recently the People responsible for regulating wolves destroyed at least one wolf with mange, that was hanging out around people and resorts on Gunflint Lake. If you want to see wolves or signs of wolves head up to Gunflint Lake, they are very abundant. As far as I'm concerned wolf populations are out of control and we are being deceived about their numbers. The number of moose are declining rapidly and if you read between the lines of the MNDNR Moose study, wolves are taking large percentages of pregnant cows and moose calves. See my blog post about moose at: Don't take me wrong, wolves have their place in the world, but when you see more wolves than deer and moose, something is wrong. On recent hikes in 4 North Shore State Parks wolf tracks were the main tracks we found on the hiking trails and on the rivers.

Popular waterskipping area at the east end of Gunflint Lake where water runs into Gunflint Lake from Little Gunflint Lake.

As the sun dropped below the treeline our great weekend being outside icefishing and snowmobiling was quickly coming to an end. The sense of going back to the grind tomorrow made me envy the wolves and their freedom; lay on a lake in the sun at day and eat deer or moose at night. Nice!

Interesting links about wolves;
A retired Fairbanks wolf biologist played a key role in confirming what has been declared North America's first documented fatal wolf attack on a human in the wild.

Alaska teacher killed and eaten by wolves from Anchorage Daily News

The death of Kenton Carnegie by CBC News Online

Did a wolf attack a girl in Pincushion Recreation Area above Grand Marais, Minnesota?
Press Release from the Cook County Sheriff Office

International Wolf Center - Ely, Minnesota


North Shore Snowmobile trails - for lodging and trail info.

Snowmobile rentals on Gunflint Lake;

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

North Shore Snowmobile Trail Report Feb 20, 2010

February 20th, 2010 Our group of 3 left Silver Bay and headed to Devil Track Lake for Lunch via the North Shore State Trail. The trail was freshly groomed and made for a quick ride. After a great lunch at the 'Landing' at Devil Track Resort we heading to Hungry Jack Lodge to see the new building. We took the Gunflint Trail up to Hungry Jack. The 'G' trail was not groomed and we wondered why we went that way. However we made it and the lodge is beautiful! We returned to Silver Bay via the North Shore State Trail late in the afternoon, the trail was still great! 230 miles for the day.

Report by Scott S., Hastings, Minnesota. See trailhead option H for planning this route.

Send your report to us!

North Shore Snowmobile Trails -


North Shore Weekend Snowmobile Events for February 27 and 28th, 2010

Fishcakes @ Carbine's - Saturday, February 27 Fishcakes on McFarland Lake. Organized ride leaves Devil Track General Store at 9 a.m. See trailhead option C for location/directions/parking. This event takes place on McFarland Lake at the end of the Arrowhead Trail / Cook County Road 16.

>>Always have a trail map with you while you ride snowmobile trails.

Annual Trout Derby Picnic and fishing contest - Sunday Feb 28th. Anglers check-in by 9 a.m. Door prizes to be given away. Gunflint Lake boat access. Bring along your Vintage Snowmobile for display. See trailhead option G for location/directions/parking. This event takes place on Gunflint Lake surface infront of public landing and Gunflint Lodge. This event is 45 miles from downtown Grand Marais, Minnnesota up the Gunflint Trail / Cook County Road 12. Fish must be checked in by 1 p.m. Event lasts until about 3pm.

More events click here

Arctic Cat Recalls Snowmobiles Due to Fire Hazard

Washington, D.C.--(ENEWSPF)--February 23, 2010. The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Units: About 1,300

Manufacturer: Arctic Cat Inc. of Thief River Falls, Minn.
Hazard: Fuel can leak from the fuel pump at the fuel tank mounting screws, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: Arctic Cat has received two reports of fuel leakage at the fuel pump mounting screws. No injuries have been reported.

Description: The recall involves all Model Year 2010 Arctic Cat 500 Sno Pro models. The model name and number are displayed on the side of the seat and on the engine cowling.

Sold at: Arctic Cat dealerships nationwide from October 2009 to February 2010 for between $7,800 and $8,200.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should stop using these snowmobiles immediately and contact their local Arctic Cat snowmobile dealer to schedule a free repair. Registered owners have been directly notified about this recall by mail.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, call Arctic Cat at (800) 279-6851 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s Web site at